TED.Ginsberg.HeadshotWhat happens when you wear a nametag twenty-four seven? Even to bed? Just ask Scott Ginsberg. In the beginning, it was just a gimmick to make friends. But soon, his crazy idea didn’t seem so crazy. Scott’s social experiment has evolved into an urban legend, world record, cultural phenomenon, and a profitable enterprise. Simply google the word nametag, and you’ll see his work benchmarked as a case study on human interaction, revolutionizing the way people look at approachability, identity and creativity. Scott has authored 30 books, published an award winning blog, given a TEDx talk, launched a suite of creativity-based software applications, wrote and produced a concert documentary and continues to deliver presentations and corporate training programs worldwide.

He was also inducted into Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as the world record holder of wearing nametags.

Want to see why his work sticks? Check out Scott’s full portfolio at www.nametagscott.com.